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: May 24, 2022 07:00 AM

: May 24, 2022 08:00 PM

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Thank you for taking the time to view this set of Southdowns.  My Dad starting raising Southdowns in 1958.  He always was a bit of a trendsetter (imported 17 rams from New Zealand in his sheep farming career).  Additionally Dad served on the ASBA for decades and was instrumental in the “slick shear rule” for Southdowns.   Ronald Wedel’s slogan for our farm was always “Genetics you can trust.”  It is critical that a potential customer has confidence in his or her purchase.  I have tried my best to follow that slogan.


This group is a high quality group with many show prospects as well as ones who will produce those class winners everyone desires.  Now it is your turn to find that individual that will elevate your breeding program.   This consignment is sired by prominent sires:  Wedel 9097 (Sired by Bullington 1847),  Fastert BL 687 REAR VIEW, and Gopher 4684.  Other tops studs included in the pedigree of the entries include:  Home Brew, Forsee 309, Forsee 77, Riot Maker, among others.  Very excited about REAR VIEW lambs.  Additionally 9097 continues to churn out beautiful fronted sheep with lots of muscle.  Finally, Gopher 4684 was used on just a few ewes but he delivered powerfully made lambs that will be well received.  I have included complete birthdate information as potential customers need to be completely informed about purchases.  (Note the youth of this group:  late Feb. and March lambs.  Lots of upside on these lambs!  If you have any further questions, please call, email, or text.  I would be pleased to discuss any of these entries with you.  Contrary to popular belief there is no perfect sheep and I will not hesitate to be completely honest in evaluating the entries.  Included is a group of pictures of winners for their new owners that were produced with Wedel genetics, sires of the consignment, and other progeny related to the sale sheep.  As always I would encourage you to come to the farm prior to the sale.  Understanding that may not be possible I therefore suggest visiting my website at

or Phone:  620-747-0853


I am willing to help with transportation.  I am planning a trip to Oklahoma in next few weeks and Sedalia in June.  I am willing to keep any purchased sheep until those dates and deliver for $25 per hd.  That price can’t be beat if you live near these locations.  All other transportation costs will be the buyer’s responsibility.  I will help out as much as possible to help you get your sheep transported!   

Bid with confidence! 



Dennis Wedel