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: Jun 06, 2022 07:00 AM

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We would like to welcome you to our third annual online Katahdin sale.  These rams are pictured on our website at and on our Facebook page at Prairie Lane Farms Katahdin Sheep.    We have strived to breed Katahdins that will work for purebred, NSIP, or commercial production and  still be competitive in the show ring. We have selected for rate of gain, mothering ability, and we have developed ewes that will lamb naturally out of season with no hormones.  We are offering progeny  from the following rams:

SHU 3800 “Stetson”        This ram was Reserve Champion at the 2019 NAILE.   We have retained several Stetson daughters in our flock and they have produced well.   They weaned a 200% lamb crop with an adjusted 60 day average of 72.5 pounds and they are an impressive set of lambs   Both of our fall rams have been sired by Stetson   All of our fall lambs are natural born fall lambs and we have been selecting for fall lambing genetics in our flock.  His NSIP number is 6401212012018SH3800 and he has been genomic tested.

CAG 51886 “Hercules”  Hercules was 1st place fall ram lamb at the 2019 NAILE.   He is  sired by Velocity and we used Hercules for spring and fall lambs.    He has a PWWT of 5.2 (top 5% for WWT and PWWT) and has sired our fastest gaining lambs.     Hercules lambs show tremendous growth and correctness.  He has been genomic tested and is TT homozygous resistant for OPP.   His NSIP number is 6401212018SH1886.     His first ewes have lambed this year and they are great milkers and have also produced our fastest gains.

SHU 4161 “Ole Red”   He is sired by Velocity and out of our queen bee ewe SPL 11-126.   His 2020 lamb crop adjusted 60 day average was 76.3 and 2021 average was 72.6.   We love the balance and structural correctness of his lambs.  He has been genomic tested and his  NSIP number is 6501212018SH4161.

SHU 3914 “Falcon”  Falcon was Champion Ram at the 2018 NAILE.   Some of the dams of these lambs are sired by Falcon.   He has been genomic tested and is in the top 2 % of NSIP for MWWT.  His picture can be viewed on our website at  His NSIP number is 6401212017SH3914

SHU 4109 “Apollo”   Sired by Falcon, his lambs have really done well.   The average adjusted 60 day weight of the 2021 lambs was 64 pounds.    Apollo was 2nd place March ram lamb at the 2019 NAILE.   He is in the top 2% of NSIP for MWWT and he qualified as  a certified maternal sire in 2021.     NSIP number is 6401212019SH4109 and he is genomic tested.  His picture is on our website.

BUCKEYE ACRES 4997:  This was our pick of the ram lambs at Buckeye Acres 2021 online sale.  He was bred to our fall ewe lambs and those lambs has an average adjusted 60 day weight of 69 pounds.   His lambs show high growth and muscling.  His NSIP number is 6402052021BA3997.  We are selling a ram lamb and a ewe lamb from this ram.

CAG 5001 ACHILLES:   This 2021 ram is our top ram sired by Apollo.   We used him lightly this year and his lambs showed great correctness, growth and potential as show lambs as well as making excellent brood ewes.    His adjusted 60 day weight was 82 pounds.   His NSIP number is 6401212021SH5001.    We are selling a spring ewe sired by this ram.

We will provide transportation to the Midwest Sale, and Katahdin Expo, at no charge.   Feel free to email with any questions at or call Henry at 573.682.7127.